Featured Internationally

Illustrated Wine had a cartoon (‘The ‘Irrational Exuberance’ of Counterfeiters’ Friends’) used by Reka Haros, wine business marketing expert, for her seminar in Alba, Italy – October 2016


Illustrated Wine had a cartoon (‘Emojis for Wine Tasting’) used by Christy Canterbury, MW, for her seminar for winemakers in South Carolina – August 2016


Illustrated Wine was featured in Forbes by Cathy Huyghe (see the article and link on the ‘Press’ page of my site http://www.illustratedwine.com/ ) – June 2016


Illustrated Wine ‘Wine World Colouring Book’ was featured on VinePair (U.S.) and Frankly Wines (U.K.) sites – 2016


Illustrated Wine had the opportunity to show this cartoon on 12X75 blog – January 2015



Illustrated Wine was chill [pun intended] to be featured on International Sherry Week – June 2014



Illustrated Wine was invited to answer a question on VinePair – May 2014



Illustrated Wine was invited to join a collaborative feature on Wine Folly – April 2014



Illustrated Wine was invited for a 2nd feature on Academic Wino – March 2014



Illustrated Wine was featured on U.S. Academic Wino blog – January 2014



Illustrated Wine was asked to be part of the FUN of #newwinethisweek – January 2014



Illustrated Wine was featured on Nick’s Blog – September 2013

(Also featured same-day on WineBusiness.com):



Illustrated Wine accompanied a 12X75 blog post on counterfeiting – January 2014



Illustrated Wine contributed again to 12X75 blog – October 2013



The Illustrated Wine was invited to UK wine humour blog 12X75 – September 2013



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