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On the Plate or in the Glass: BigAgro’s Legacy for Our Kids

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Ninety percent of the groceries I purchase carry organic provenance. While they weren’t grown or raised in a hermetically sealed environment, I support organic farmers and feed my kids foods not doused in pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and the dozens of other toxins used by ‘BigAgra’. (So many environmental toxins exist that can’t be avoided.) Yet, in a flourish of mental compartmentalization, only five percent of the wine I buy is made from organically grown grapes.

Wine students seek to broaden their palates, and ‘green’ wines often don’t exist in the particular variety, or come from the particular region, that we’re searching for. There just isn’t enough from-organic-grape wine available.

But no excuses: On a ‘macro’ level you can’t intelligently separate which crops are grown where, or for what, or for whom. We’re one species living in one eco/biosystem, on one small planet. Whether it’s grapes for our wine or table grapes for our children, BigAgo’s treatment of the earth has created, and now continues to leave, a toxic legacy for future generations.